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When Las Cruces High School, the oldest high school in Las Cruces, New Mexico, needed an update and expansion, emphasis was placed on carving out new classroom space, more administrative space, a new library, a performing arts center, and a pedestrian bridge connecting the old and new sides of the facility.

Daylight and natural light also play a crucial role in the design, and along with wide expanses of glass is a large Guardian 275® translucent skylight. The image above shows how this main corridor and gathering area gets a substantial amount of soft, diffuse natural light courtesy of the ridge skylight, and how it makes the entire space feel open and welcoming. The natural light also limits the need for artificial lighting during peak sun hours (when students are most often using the facility), which can bring a fair amount of energy savings.

Translucent panel skylights are a great solution for education facilities, especially since schools often feature interior areas that don’t have access to exterior walls and traditional windows. A properly designed and implemented skylight can transform a space from dull and dark to eye-catching and bright – and ultimately give students a place where they want to gather and learn. Translucent panel skylights are also cost-effective, and effectively block hot-spots from wreaking havoc on students and staff as well as keeping glare from making it hard to read both printed pages and computer screens.

Designing daylighting solutions for a school but aren’t sure where to start? We’d love to help you solve your design challenges! Call us at 888-759-2678, email, or check out our Architectural Consulting page and let us know how we can work with you to add beneficial daylight to your next education facility project.

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