Single Slope Skylights - (White Exterior/Crystal Interior)

$ 300.00

LightBasic™ Quick Ship™ self-flashing single slope skylights have a sandwich panel design that features durable AcrylitGC® face sheet with 100% pure acrylic resin, fiberglass reinforcement, and gel coat protection on both sides to help resist weathering and provide uniform diffusion of natural light. Their light weight, strength, diffusion of light and value-driven price make them a great choice for a variety of applications.

  • Lighter than comparable glass systems, reducing structural requirements
  • Available insulation option for enhanced thermal performance
  • Designed with a maximum allowable deflection of L/120 for a stronger, more watertight system
  • 2.75" thick translucent panels with 12” x 24” nominal grid pattern
  • Meets OSHA fall protection requirements (check local regulations for requirements in your area)
  • Minimum suggested pitch of 3/8" in 12" - and not recommended for vertical applications
  • For overall dimensions and required curb sizes, along with technical and test data, download our data sheet
  • Please allow 10-14 days for order processing (not including shipping - freight times may vary depending on location)

*Please note that LightBasic™ self-flashing single slope skylights require a suitable pre-installed curb for proper installation.


Performance & Warranties:

  • White exterior and Crystal interior sheet allow for 65% light transmission (46% for insulated version)
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of .38 (.21 with available insulation option)
  • <.01 UV transmittance
  • Available with clear or dark bronze anodized finish (AAMA 611)
  • 1 year material/workmanship, 5 year color change and 10 year fiberbloom warranties standard

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